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I took her foot in my hands and slid my chair to the side Black Valley Girls –. Get me out of your phone, you’re already out of mine
BiPhoria - Gay Channel page- BF's Ultimatum, "Pussy Isn't Enough For Me, I Need Cock Also" - BiPhoria (11 min) 1

Babe BiPhoria – Gay Channel page

– BF's Ultimatum, "Pussy Isn't Enough For Me, I Need Cock Also" – BiPhoria (11 min)

Then he changed his mouth to the right breast and kissed and sucked it too, That night I did not mention anything to my wife and I fucked my wife vigorously

BiPhoria - Gay Channel page- BF's Ultimatum, "Pussy Isn't Enough For Me, I Need Cock Also" - BiPhoria (11 min) 2

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– BF's Ultimatum, "Pussy Isn't Enough For Me, I Need Cock Also" – BiPhoria (11 min) Asian

, Click here. ” “Don't honey me, you two timing piece of trash,” she spat at him, “now what shall we do with them, Donna, do you have any ideas!?!” “I''m kinda partial to your plan,” Donna answered with a giggle!!! “Oh that plan,” Peg replied, “you mean the one where we cut off his nuts and feed them to the dog!?!” “Exactly,” Peg exclaimed, “what do you think of that idea, missy, how would you like lover boy here if I cut off his balls!?!” “Y-you wouldn't dare,” she replied incredulously, “and I want you out of my house this instant or I'm calling the police!!!” “Sure thing, cunt,” Peg answered evenly, “but first we're gonna make a few home movies, you know, keepsakes for our old age, so why don't you two pick up where you left off before you were so rudely interupted!?!”

When both John and the blonde began whining and protesting, Peg pulled back the hammer of the gun and said grimly, “Don't make me use this, now John, darling, get your mouth down there and get her off, and no faking, I wanna see some real action!!!” Out of a paper bag she had been carrying, Donna produced a loaded video camera, and within a matter of seconds, she had it turned on and was filming away!!! “Suck her, John,” Peg spat, “you can do better than that, now lick her clit!!!” Even under these adverse circumstances, the blonde slowly but surely began moaning as John's tongue flicked incessantly over her distended clit, and while the camera rolled, catching it all for posterity, the first of several hard orgasms tore through her as her lover tongued her for all he was worth!!! “Very nice, John,” Peg said softly, “you did such a nice job, that we're going to reward you, so honey, if you don't mind, his dick, in your mouth, and make it snappy, we don't have all day!!!”

Peg didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but she had to admit that this twenty something blonde was certainly a cocksucker extraordinaire, because John got a boner almost the instant her mouth closed around his flaccid shaft, and for the next several minutes she watched almost nauseated while her husband finally deposited his load down the hussy's hot throat!!!” “That was the best, baby,” John said to the blonde, in an effort to tweak Peg's psyche, “I wish my wife was half as good!!!” “That's enough,” Peg spat, “shut your fucking mouth, you bastard!!!” “Come on, Peg,” he teased, “you're and old hag, over the hill, just look at how smooth and taut Inge's skin is, and her hair, pure spun gold, not gray and mousy!!!” That did it, Peg flung the gun at John's head, just missing him by inches, and then in a wild furry, she attacked the two lovers with her bare hands, clawing and screaming while trying to scratch their eyes out!!!

“I-I'll fucking kill you both,” Peg screamed,” just let me get my hands on you, you mother fuckers, but much as it was at home, John was just too big and strong for her as he quickly held her down, and then while laughing evilly, tore off her clothing with his free hand and with a nod of his head, ordered his little fuck doll to suck his wife off!!! “Take my word for it, Peg,” he said soothingly, “Inge just has a knack for oral sex, but I guess you're finding that out for yourself aren't you, baby!?!” She hated both of them for it, but her pussy was just to responsive to this kind of treatment, and as the voracious mouth of the cocksucker blonde ate her pussy alive, her whole body stiffened as a brutally satisfying orgasm smashed through her cunt, leaving her shaking and drooling in a state of total and complete shock!!! Donna was nervously taping all of the action, but now with Peg as the star of the show, she wondered if she should turn it off or keep going, but it was so fucking hot to watch, she just kept it rolling while hoping for the best!!!

“Now, we're gonna give her one last lesson,” John said evenly while taking his place between his wife's thighs and situating Inge's pussy over his protesting wife's mouth!!! Slowly but surely John began steadily stroking his big cock in and out of his wife's hairy old pussy, and with a pussy that was as finely tuned as a Ferrari, Inge pressed her open cunt directly onto Peg's mouth, and with absolutely no mercy, ground her needy cunt all over the stunned woman's face, while John fucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow!!! Of course with John and Inge working her over from each end, it took almost no time at all for Peg to rapidly appoach an orgasm that threatened to tear her pussy to shreds, but she wasn't alone, as both Inge and John were on the same schedule, as her pussy spasmed wildly and John's pecker wrenched as all three of three of them collapsed in mass of interwoven arms and legs gasping for breath while their genitals experienced the remaining vestiges of their incredible climaxes!!!

135 “Ya know what, John,” Inge asked!?! “What, baby, tell me,” he replied softly while stroking both his wife's and Inge's thighs!?! “I think that your wife would be a perfect addition to our little group, don't you!?!” “What do ya think about that, Peg,” he asked!?! “After giving Inge's pussy one last little kiss, Peg replied softly, “The family that plays together, stays together!!!”


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