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“Look at cracker, his little worm's poking out,” yelled moose as he stepped away from Lindsey and began to strip, He sucked the man juice from her dainty feet, but before he was done Prince and Bull were all over his wife

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, Click here. , Monique, darling, be a dear and remove your panties, would you do that for me please!?!” “But of course, Madame,” she said softly, “I would be glad to!!!”

All the eyes in the room were trained directly at the little maid's crotch, but what they were about to witness was more than any of them could have ever imagined!!! As the tiny pair of white satin panties slid down trim thighs, exposing her neatly trimmed vee, it was Marion who was the first one to see it, and she gasped and stammered, “M-m-my god, girls, s-she has a pecker, I-I don't believe it, I just don't believe it!!!” Now it was Barb's turn to stammer, but nothing was coming out of her mouth even though her lips were moving, and Kimberly, with her hand still inside of her panties, moaned loud and long as she frigged herself to a really hard orgasm while staring at the thick piece of gristle hanging down semi hard between Monique's girlish legs!!!

“From the agency my foot,” Marion said thickly, “she's unbelievable, and I do mean that literally!!!” “Yes, she is,” Billie said while taking the quickly growing member into her hand and jerking it gently, “would one of you care to take care of it orally!?!” You wouldn't have thought that a fifty plus year old woman could move quickly at all, but Kimberly was off he chair and on to the floor with her mouth wide open in less than a heart beat!!! “Come to mama, you sweet little thing,” she ordered, “and let me have some of that thick meat, mama is so hungry!!!” Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Kimberly's smacking lips while she ran her tongue and mouth up and down the incredibly thick cock of the cute little he-she!!! “God, look at her,” Marion moaned, ” the body of a young girl and the cock of a porn star, I-I think I'm gonna shoot it right now, it's so fucking erotic, I can't help it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy, I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggg!!!” Bille had by now reached into her own panties and begun diddling her love button as she joined in with the other girls watching Kimberly suck off Monique's very hard erection!!! “How big is she,” Barb asked softly while staring at the thick pecker that was filling her good friend's mouth!?!” “She's about seven inches,” Billie replied, “it's quite a contrast, isn't it, huge cock on such a tiny little girl, I just cum in buckets every time I see her with her panties off!!!” “H-how often is that,” Barb moaned!?! “Everyday,” Billie replied, “can you blame me!?!”

Kimberly's mouth and tongue grew more insistent by the second, which naturally was driving Monique towards her own orgasm!!! “Madame,” she asked softly, “my penis is very hard and needs to cum, may I have permission please!?!” “Of course you may, dear,” Billie replied, “be a good girl and fill Kimmie's mouth with a hot sperm shooter, okay!?!” “Oui, Madame,” the happy little bitch replied as her nut sack tightened and her huge pecker ejaculated a gusher of cum into Kimberly's hot urgent mouth!!! Kimberly moaned as her own orgasm ripped through her, leaving her a disheveled mess on the living room floor!!! Monique stood quietly next to the table, while her heavy cock hung menacingly between her legs, and just waiting for Barb to make the first move!!!

Barb was still furiously frigging her clit when Billie said, “Honey, I think Monique could use a good fuck, why don't you lie down on the sofa and let her mount and screw you, after all, she has a very large penis that would just love being inside of you!!!” Barb quickly took her place on the couch with her legs spread wide while the nymph like creature with the thick pecker climbed between her thighs and guided her massive erection into her dripping pussy!!! “Oh god,” Barb gasped, “she's fucking huge, oh my, she's is stretching me to the fucking max, ohhhhhhhhhhh it feels so fucking good!!!” Good things come in small packages they say, and Monique was as living a proof of that adage if there ever was one!!! Her tiny little bottom going up and down in perfect rhythm as her fat cock fucked the older woman into the ground!!! Barb began babbling uncontrollably as her climax rushed from her clit into her pussy as the cute little maid pounded away with piston like efficiency until she too erupted in a sperm gusher that filled Barb's pussy to over flowing!!!

Billie opened the front of her dress and offered a large nipple to the young girl, who had since sat down on her lap and furled up like a small child!!! “There, there,” Billie cooed, “you were a very good girl, now just take mama's nipple and go to sleep!!!” The other three woman kissed Billie on the cheek and let themselves out as their host suckled her little French maid to sleep!!! Out in front of Billie's house Marion offered, “A very interesting day of bridge, wouldn't you say!?!” Kimberly and Barb both nodded their heads and replied in unison, “Interesting, verrrrrrrry, interesting!!!


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