Team Skeet – Scandal Lil_red20 agreed to have sex with Kids Husband is very Sensational


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. Aflet that I put the hole foot in my oral and licked off everything
Team Skeet - Scandal Lil_red20 agreed to have sex with Kids Husband is very Sensational 1

Morena Team Skeet – Scandal Lil_red20 agreed to have sex with Kids Husband is very Sensational

3 stories in one,
This is three fantucys, from a girls veiw in one,
Hope you enjoy, constructive critidisum please, scuse spelling
Lura one
I sit on ur knee and unbutton ur jeans lettin it stick out then I drop my pants and lift up my skirt pull my top of un fassen my bra then start sucking on you makin a noise I do it so quickly then I sit on it n ride you untill your about to cum so you take it out of me and squirt it alll over my boobs then you get a spoon I go on my hands and knees and you spooon feed me all the cum off my boobs and I love it getting so excited each spoon you gather then when I sawllow them I get more wetter each time then I push you down and lay on top of you all your bigness comin in me I scream and cum xxxx
Youd whisper cum on laura you have to eat ur medicine I know u want it now open wide for aj like a good girl *I put my moth around the spoon suckin the cum of* I smile ur hot cum in my mouth u spank me hard and say swallow bad girl! Im on all fours and I swallow lookin into ur eyes you nodd showin me ive done a good job ur cum tastes so good I like the spoon clean
So then u say get up slut go in the shower I run and turn it on for you you enter and push me up against the wall then I slide down and im on my knees again posh Sir you tell me to get suckin I go at it hard on ur whole massive coc untill I gag its soo big so then I lick your top little bit mm lickin like a slutty kitty and using my hands for all the rest of you then I open my mouth and you say hear cums ur medicine laura take it like a good girl as you squze my boobs n twist my nipels you shoot a massive load straight into my mouth I look at you as its in their you look back and say get it down yyou whore so I swallow as im told and you pat me on the head as a well done ajs coc is clean now then I lay down legs wide open as you shove two fingers in my fanny and say lets clean yours now you grab yout toothbrush the hot watter poors down all over your sexy abbs and you put your toothbrush coverd in baby oil iniside me ribbin my ciLt with your fingets then I squirt and you say good girl we are done now


Lura 2
You open your door and see me in a big coat n heels you pull me through the door while I gigle when you strip the coat of me and im in a red bra with blue lacy panites we kiss patiently rubing each other all over after a while you tell me to lie down on the big table I lie on it then you get on top of me and shove my hand on your coc through your jeans then I unbutton them and you just play with my favourite toy then you say what do you think youre doing slut so I slide of the table as I know I can only suck sir aj on my hands and knees so on all fours posh sir standing naked I lick the very top of his xoc mm just the very tip little licks then I go in deep throat and put my mouth around all of you and your massive coc wiggels about in my mouth you hold my head down for as long as possible then after a bit of gagin you let me up and I suck your top little bit I love licking like a lolly pop you spank me hard when im not fast enough but when I am you look at me and play with my nipels as a treat but im so loud n fast it makes a noice which makes me wet then when youre hard real hard you push me back pull my panites slowly of and tese me with your coc hehehe wacking it at my cillt then before you squirt I sit up and you hit me with ur coc n but it on my boobs then I smile at you and you say now here is your facial laura and squirt your massive load on my face and then you get a spoon and as ur still cumin fill it from ur coc and say open wide heres your special treat I get sooo excited and scream mouth wide open you spoon it in I gulp it down then suck u clean off xxx


Lura 3

We are kissing each other in bed I put my hand on your trousers and start rubbing your coc feeling it getting bigger you start undressing me untill your naked and I'm in silky panties n a cute red bra with a little bow your in boxers I look at you excited you lay me down on the bed and unfasten the bra strap you start liking my boobs then you put your coc in my face n tell me to suck it please so I slowly lick it then you push it in im gaging
Then you take it out n push it between my boobs n start rubbing my boobs in between your coc then you start slapping my nipels with your shaft then you slide my panties of and push a finger inside me, .

Team Skeet - Scandal Lil_red20 agreed to have sex with Kids Husband is very Sensational 2

Spanking Team Skeet – Scandal Lil_red20 agreed to have sex with Kids Husband is very Sensational Black Girl

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